Climate Impacts

The Climate Impacts group is an interdisciplinary group with high-level expertise on climate, air-pollution and economic modeling. We conduct comprehensive quantitative impact and risk analyses, including vulnerability, exposure and hazard components.

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We study the relation between physical climate change and in particular extreme events, and economic and societal consequences and associated uncertainties. We model and analyse risks in a holistic manner.

Our research focuses on various sectors such as agriculture, energy, transport and green investments. One of our priorities is to study the interactions between air pollution and climate change regarding health effects. Studying and communicating the links between climatic, economic and social risks is our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The knowledge that we produce is useful for decision-makers in the private and public sectors, and we feel passionate about translating scientific knowledge and technical data so that decision-makers can more readily act on the best available knowledge.

While most knowledge on the impacts of future climate change relates to the physical impacts on nature and on the built environment, there is little knowledge about the social and economic consequences of climate projections. Social and economic consequences of physical impacts depend on who is responding to what and the opportunities they have for adaptation. This is a core issue in our research on the impacts of climate change.