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A global carbon tax may be more feasible than previously thought

A recent large survey conducted in five countries, published today in Nature, shows a consistently high level of support for a global carbon tax among the general public, given that the tax policy is carefully designed.

Development reduces heatwave risk

Increased socio-economic development in low development countries can reduce the risk of people suffering serious harm from heatwaves, shows a new study published in Nature Communications.

Current EU policies lead to more use of chemicals, less recycling

Current EU policies for mobile and textile production often let member states shape the laws and their implementation themselves. This leads to more use of chemicals and less sustainable waste management, research by the SMART project shows.

Population growth is moving in a climate-friendly direction

Higher living standards have led to a slow-down in global population growth. This is good news for the climate because it will lead to lower growth in carbon emissions, say scientists at CICERO Center for International Climate Research.

Global CO2 emissions rise again in 2018, according to latest data

Global CO2 emissions are on track to rise more than 2% in 2018 on the back of renewed growth in coal use, and continued growth in oil and gas use, according to data released on 5 December. 

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Very strong atmospheric methane growth in the four years 2014‐2017: Implications for the Paris Agreement

Euan G. Nisbet, M. R. Manning, E. J. Dlugokencky, R. E. Fisher, Dave Lowry, S. E. Michel, Cathrine Lund Myhre, Stephen Matthew Platt, Grant Allen, P Bousquet, R. Brownlow, Michelle Cain, J. L. France, Ove Hermansen, R. Hossaini, A. E. Jones, I. Levin, A. C. Manning, Gunnar Myhre, J. A. Pyle, B. Vaughn, N. J. Warwick, James W. C. White

Rebound effect of energy intensity reduction on energy consumption

Taoyuan Wei, Jinjin Zhou, Hongxia Zhang

Downscaling probability of long heatwaves based on seasonal mean daily maximum temperatures

R Benestad, Bob van Oort, Flavio Justino, Frode Stordal, Kajsa Parding, Abdelkader Mezghani, Helene B. Erlandsen, Jana Sillmann, Milton E Pereira-Flores

Implementation, Compliance, and Effectiveness of Policies and Institutions

Jon Hovi, Arild Underdal

Weak hydrological sensitivity to temperature change over land, independent of climate forcing

Bjørn Hallvard Samset, Gunnar Myhre, Piers M. Forster, Øivind Hodnebrog, Timothy Andrews, Olivier Boucher, Gregory S. Faluvegi, Dagmar Fläschner, Matthew Kasoar, Viatcheslav Kharin, Alf Kirkevåg, Jean-François Lamarque, Dirk Jan Leo Oliviè, Thomas Benjamin Richardson, Drew Shindell, Toshihiko Takemura, Apostolos Voulgarakis