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EXtremeClimTwin: Building capacity on climate extremes through cooperation

Increasing heat extremes, reduced summer precipitation and higher rainfall intensities are some of the climate change impacts facing the Western Balkans. To strengthen local researchers’ ability to understand the current and coming changes in climate extremes, CICERO researchers are involved in an EU funded capacity building project with the University of Novi Sad in Serbia.

Large uncertainty in warming outcomes of current policies and emission pledges

During the recent Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26) there was a lot of focus on the climate outcomes of new climate policy pledges. A new analysis shows that these outcomes are more uncertain then often assumed.


How do gases and particles affect turbulence in the lower atmosphere?

Global CO2 emissions return to near pre-COVID pandemic levels

Global fossil CO2 emissions are expected to grow 4.9% in 2021, nearly offsetting the 5.4% decline in 2020 due the COVID restrictions. Coal and gas use rebounded strongly to exceed 2019 levels, while oil use remains suppressed, suggesting strong policy action is needed to avoid continued emissions growth in 2022.

CICERO is helping to develop a new global emissions monitoring service (CoCO2)

Together with 24 partners in 14 countries, CICERO is working to develop a European operational service for monitoring global greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the EU-funded project Prototype system for a Copernicus CO2 service, the CoCO2 project.

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Assessment of the European Climate Projections as Simulated by the Large EURO-CORDEX Regional and Global Climate Model Ensemble

Erika Coppola, Rita Nogherotto, James M. Ciarlo', Filippo Giorgi, Erik Van Meijgaard, N. Kadygrov, Carley Iles, Lola Corre, Marit Sandstad, Samuel Somot, Pierre Nabat, Robert Vautard, Guillaume Levavasseur, Clemens Schwingshackl, Jana Sillmann, Erik Kjellström, Grigory Nikulin, Emma Aalbers, Geert Lenderink, Ole Bøssing Christensen, Fredrik Boberg, Silje Lund Sørland, Marie-Estelle Demory, Katharina Bülow, Claas Teichmann, Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Volker Wulfmeyer

Global CO2 uptake by cement from 1930 to 2019

Rui Guo, Jiaoyue Wang, Longfei Bing, Dan Tong, Philippe Ciais, Steven J. Davis, Robbie Andrew, Fengming Xi, Zhu Liu

Global GHG Emissions and Budgets

Josep G. Canadell, Robbie Andrew, Philippe Ciais, Eric A. Davidson, Steven Davis, Pierre Friedlingstein, Robert B. Jackson, Corinne Le Quéré, Glen Peters, Rona Louise Thompson, Hanqin Tian, Zhu Liu

The power of impact framing and experience for determining acceptable levels of climate change‑induced food risk: a lab experiment

Ambika Markanday, Ibon Galarraga, Steffen Kallbekken

An Endogenous Emission Cap Produces a Green Paradox

Reyer Gerlagh, Roweno Heijmans, Knut Einar Rosendahl