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Oppdatering av kunnskap om konsekvenser av klimaendringer i Norge

The Norwegian Environment Agency has commissioned a report from CICERO and the Western Norway Research Institute which summarizes new knowledge on the impacts of climate change for Norway until 2100.

WORKSHOP: The importance of demographic characteristics in climate scenarios

China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Its rapid demographic transition will influence economic growth and global emissions. 

Stylised pathways to “well below 2°C”

COMMENTARY: Some people love negative emissions, others hate them. Some people think 1.5°C is impossible, others think it is a matter of political will. I think stylised figures are a great way to explain the challenges.

Governance practices in the transition to a low-carbon future

Governance practices as well as obstacles for the public acceptability of low-carbon policies took center stage when researchers met with stakeholders in two fruitful workshops mid-June. Reports from the project will be out soon!


How will shifts in international climate policy change the conditions for Norway's transition to a low emissions economy?

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Aerosol Absorption: Progress Towards Global and Regional Constraints

Bjørn Hallvard Samset, Camilla Weum Stjern, Elisabeth Andrews, Ralph A. Kahn, Gunnar Myhre, M Schulz, Gregory L. Schuster

Dependence of Present and Future European Temperature Extremes on the Location of Atmospheric Blocking

Lukas Brunner, Nathalie Schaller, James Anstey, Jana Sillmann, Andrea Steiner

Governance of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS): accounting, rewarding and the Paris agreement

Asbjørn Torvanger

Influence of blocking on Northern European and Western Russian heatwaves in large climate model ensembles

Nathalie Schaller, Jana Sillmann, James Anstey, Erich M. Fischer, Christian M Grams, S. Russo

A multi-model comparison of meteorological drivers of surface ozone over Europe

Noelia Otero, Jana Sillmann, Kathleen Mar, Henning W. Rust, Sverre Solberg, Camilla Andersson, Magnuz Engardt, Robert Bergström, Bertrand Bessagnet, Augustin Colette, Florian Couvidat, Cornelius Cuvelier, Svetlana G. Tsyro, Hilde Fagerli, Martijn Schaap, Astrid Manders, Mihaela Mircea, Gino Briganti, Andrea Cappelletti, Mario Adani, Massimo D'Isidoro, María Teresa Pay, Mark Theobald, Marta G. Vivanco, Peter Ariaan Wind, Narendra Ojha, Valentin Raffort, Tim Butler