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Air pollution is currently the largest environmental killer in Europe, causing 500,000 premature deaths annually. Heatwaves can make air pollution more lethal and cause more heart and lung diseases. Together with Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and 11 other European institutions CICERO will help increase European resilience towards climate change.

Investors recognise CICERO Shades of Green’s work on green bonds

For the third year in a row, CICERO Shades of Green has received an award for being the best provider of external assessments in the green bond market.

10 takeaways from the IEA Global Energy & CO₂ Status Report

Energy use grew 2.3% in 2018, energy-related CO₂ emissions 1.7%


Methane: a climate blind spot?

Methane is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute most to global warming. Recent research show that its levels are increasing, and the researchers don’t know why.

On the edge between climate policy and petroleum exploration

Norway aims to be at the forefront of both climate policy and petroleum production, while also promoting science-based policy. But what if these concerns don’t mesh?

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Asking the right questions in adaptation research and practice: Seeing beyond climate impacts in rural Nepal

Jonathan Edward Ensor, Patrick Wennström, Andrea Joslyn Nightingale, Anil Bhatterai, Siri E H Eriksen, Jana Sillmann

Empowered by electricity? The political economy of gender and energy in rural Naryn

Elena Kim, Karina Standal

What Next for Sustainable Development? Our Common Future at Thirty

James Meadowcroft, David Banister, Erling Holden, Oluf Langhelle, Kristin Linnerud, Geoffrey Gilpin

A normative model of sustainable development: how do countries comply?

Kristin Linnerud, Erling Holden, Geoffrey Gilpin, Morten Simonsen

Does change in ownership affect community attitudes toward renewable energy projects? Evidence of a status quo bias

Kristin Linnerud, Toney Philip, Morten Simonsen, Erling Holden