Atmospheric Sciences

The research group covers a broad range of topics within the atmospheric sciences. We are primarily a modelling group, studying radiative forcing of the climate system, and the role of gases, aerosols and clouds.

illustrasjon av sol med røyksky som skygger

The research group studies radiative forcing on the climate system. Photo:


Research topics include the climate response across different time scales (rapid adjustments and slow response), climate sensitivity, drivers of precipitation changes under a warming climate, turbulence processes in the lower atmosphere, and extreme events. Furthermore, we focus on Arctic climate change, climate effects of forestry and forest changes, and long-range transport of short lived climate forcers (in particular black carbon). We also develop, evaluate and apply different metrics for comparing emission sectors and regions.

Our methods include both the use of observational data and modelling, ranging from global earth system models to fine-scale convection-resolving models. The chemistry transport model, OsloCTM, developed in collaboration with the University of Oslo and currently in its third major version, is an important research tool at CICERO.