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Climate Scientist 

Research Interests and Expertise

My work relies on the analysis of observations, reanalysis and outputs from climate models as well as the realization of simulations with global or regional climate models. In the past, I have worked on a variety of regions and processes such as tropical cyclones, snowfall, clouds or precipitation. I also have a strong interest in connecting climate sciences to other disciplines.


  • 2012-2018: Researcher at the Space and Science Engineering Center and the Center for Climatic Research, Madison, WI, USA
  • 2011: PhD in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Meteo-France, Toulouse, France
  • 2008: MSc in Atmospheric Science, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and University of Toulouse, France


  • CiXPAG - Interaction of Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems Future food production, and consequently food security, is very sensitive to both climate change and air pollution. So far, little is known about how climate extremes and ozone pollution interact to affect agriculture or about the relative effectiveness of climate change adaptation and ozone regulation measures for various crops and regions.
  • Quantifying Climate Impacts of Future Forest Management Strategies in Norway Det internasjonale samfunnet har blitt enige om at økningen i den globale middeltemperaturen ikke må overstige 2°C. Aller helst skal den begrenses til 1.5°C. Dette er et svært ambisiøst mål, som krever en storstilt omstilling fra et samfunn avhengig av fossile brensler til et basert på fornybare materialer og energi.