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Solveig Glomsrød is an economist and senior research fellow at CICERO. Her research covers a broad specter of topics related to energy and climate policy issues, with an emphasis on macroeconomic analysis of climate mitigation policies, in particular for China. Among her recent research topics are also analysis of global petroleum markets and the development of the arctic economies.

Solveig Glomsrød has had a steady research focus on environmental and energy economics, emphasizing the interaction between macro level policies and the environment, household level aspects of resource use and management in developing countries. Through long-term co-operation with natural scientists she has obtained a broad and multi-disciplinary research experience, developing integrated assessment tools based on macroeconomic models to capture relevant GHG emission drivers related to farming and energy use. More in-depth experience is related to energy, climate and forest/soil/agricultural issues in developing countries, including the implications of urban-rural income distribution for climate.

Recent areas of research also include the effect of fossil divestment in climate mitigation and the implications of coal phase-out for Arctic gas supply.

Glomsrød has a Master in economics from University of Oslo.