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Christian Bjørnæs



58 74 00 22 74+


Experienced science journalist, project manager and strategic communications leader

As leader of CICERO’s communication work, Christian is responsible for our branding, PR and out reach activities. He was hired in 2007 to write two books on climate science: Klima forklart and State of the Poles. Christian has developed and lead numerous communication projects at CICERO. He has lead Klimaforum – Norway’s first network to engage decision makers and academics in climate debates, organised daily press briefings for Norwegian journalists at COP15 in Copenhagen, built an online platform to show case Nordic energy solutions and coordinated CICERO’s pavilion at COP21 in Paris.

Christian has also worked on several research projects to increase our understanding of climate communication, for example IPCC AR5 in Europe, and performed media analysis for the book Climate Change in the Media. Christian is very engaged in issues around climate communication and was proud to chair the IPCC expert meeting on climate communication and to have increased the collaboration and information sharing among European colleagues.

Christian is also Chair of the Minor Foundation for Major Challenges.