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Research Assistant in Climate Impacts Group

Iulia Marginean graduated from an Erasmus Mundus programme in environmental engineering and management (MSc. Joint European Master in Environmental Studies) and aims to specialize in climate change research. She is interested in the synergies between climate extremes and air pollution and their socio-economic impacts. Methodologically, she explores different tools for spatial and quantitative data analysis.


  • CiXPAG - Interaction of Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems Future food production, and consequently food security, is very sensitive to both climate change and air pollution. So far, little is known about how climate extremes and ozone pollution interact to affect agriculture or about the relative effectiveness of climate change adaptation and ozone regulation measures for various crops and regions.
  • ClimINVEST - Tools for climate-resilient investment ClimINVEST-prosjektet vil bringe forskere og investorer sammen i en serie vitenskap-praksis laboratorier for å utvikle skreddersydd informasjon om klimaendringer for de som tar investeringsbeslutninger. Denne informasjonen skal tydeliggjøre fysisk klimarisiko og muligheter for ny grønn vekst. 
  • EXHAUSTION Air pollution is currently the largest environmental killer in Europe, causing 500,000 premature deaths annually. Heatwaves can make air pollution more lethal and cause more heart and lung diseases. Together with Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and 11 other European institutions CICERO will help increase European resilience towards climate change.

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