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Nina's research interests lie in climate transitions and adaptive capacity to climate change and other large-scale changes, agriculture, sustainability, food security and development. As a human geographer, she does fieldwork and use mainly qualitative methods.

Her work mainly concerns emissions reductions and adaptive capacity in agriculture and in local communities. She holds a PhD (2020) on farming flexibility, innovation and food security in small-scale farming systems, in the face of climate change and other large-scale changes. Nina's publications address potentials for and barriers to adaptation under climate change in Himalayan farming, gender relations and decision-making within the household, and the logic, meanings and values of subsistence production. The relations between rural development, climate, markets for food and labor, and migration inform my work. Lately, she has also been engaged in projects on emissions reductions and climate transitions in the Norwegian food system towards social, environmental, and climate sustainability.

Nina is a Human Geographer and use mainly qualitative methods including case studies and intensive, ethnographic fieldwork methods. Inter-disciplinary research and mixed methods are important to her and she has some background in anthropology, development economics, political science, sociology and system dynamics in addition to her specialization as a geographer.  Nina has fieldwork experience from Nepal, Peru, Estonia and Norway and she has worked on food production and food security in Malawi. She is also interested in global production, distribution and trade of food, and food security on local, national and global scales.