VOM – Incentives for Measures for Food system Transition

Emissions of greenhouse gases must be reduced drastically and rapidly to keep the climate goals in the Paris Agreement within reach. The food system is an important source of emissions, with a major impact on land use, biodiversity, and health.

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Project details

Start and end date
1.4.2021 - 31.3.2025
Norwegian Research Council

We largely know what we can do, but VOM will study how we can support a shift towards a sustainable, low-emission food sector by identifying the potential and barriers to change in demand, production and innovation, and incentives that can realistically remove these barriers and realize the potentials.

VOM will actively work with actors in the food sector who are well positioned to contribute to a transition towards a sustainable society with low emissions, innovations and sustainable incentives and solutions.

We will

1) explore the potential for more plant-based production

2) analyze drivers for consumption choices, procurement, and incentives for sustainable business models

3) explore sustainable business innovations and market opportunities

4) analyze the food system's transition effects, conflicts and risks, and work for greater coherence in policy and incentives for transition

Through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, experiments, communication, and co-design techniques that reflect multidisciplinarity, VOM will study how to support a shift towards sustainable food production with low emissions.

We will achieve this by 1) introducing new ways of dialogue and interaction between producers, retailers, and financing actors, 2) increasing the spotlight on the potential for plant-based food production and innovations, 3) finding new ways to communicate sustainability and influence consumers, and 4) create a dialogue across political domains to agree on priority areas.

VOM represents opportunities for innovation, a clear vision and strategies for active change of the food system. The overall target group for this project is land-based food system actors in Norway, including associated actors, with four main target groups: Political decision-makers at national level; Food industry, food innovators and retailers; land-based food producers and consumers.

VOM connects to many synergy projects to promote sustainable action and changes in incentive structures to better adapt to business and national food climate policy.

The team consists of 8 research partners (7 Norwegian, 1 international), 4 Norwegian business partners and innovators, 4 national networks / platforms and voluntary organizations, and 4 advisory partners from policy making and academia.