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Employed at CICERO since 2009.

Previously employed at Institute of the Environment, UCLA (2006-2009).

PhD (2006): Department of Geography, UCLA. Title: Remote sensing and environment in the study of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in Mali.

MA (2000): Department of Geography, UCLA. Title: A 625-year reconstruction of drought in the Los Angeles Basin from Pseudotsuga macrocarpa.



MacDonald, G, S. Rian, and H. Hidalgo (2005). Southern California and “the Perfect Drought.” Colorado River Basin Climate. Special Publication for Association of California Water Agencies and Colorado River Water Users Association Conferences. Department of Water Resources, State of California



  • EXHAUSTION Air pollution is currently the largest environmental killer in Europe, causing 500,000 premature deaths annually. Heatwaves can make air pollution more lethal and cause more heart and lung diseases. Together with Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and 11 other European institutions CICERO will help increase European resilience towards climate change.