Photo credit Northern lights: Sami Takarautio/Unsplash

Photo credit Northern lights: Sami Takarautio/Unsplash

Webinar - Heat and air pollution in a Nordic context

Global warming leads to increasing temperatures and extreme weather events also in Nordic countries. What are the potential health effects of heat waves and increasing risk of wildfires  - and are we prepared? The EXHAUSTION Project investigates the links between extreme heat and air pollution, including from wildfires, and mortality and hospitalization due to heart and lung diseases in Europe. The project also calculates the associated costs and identifies effective strategies for minimizing adverse impacts.



Gjennomført: 16.12.2022





We invite you to a webinar where we look at these questions in a Nordic context.

  • Welcome and introductory presentation by research director Kristin Aunan, CICERO, Norway
  • Air pollution at global scale, by researcher Risto Hänninen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
  • Nordic air pollution projections, by researcher Ulas Im, University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • Norwegian results from EXHAUSTION, by researcher Shilpa Rao, Norwegian Institute for Public Health
  • Extreme temperature preparedness - lessons for action in the Nordic countries, by senior advisor Cathrine Hårsaker, Red Cross Norway

See the recording of the webinar below.