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How are people and societies impacted by heat?

With global warming, we are experiencing more frequent and intense heat. Increasing temperatures impact both people and societies with economic and social consequences. Cities are hotspots for heat exposure. Sectors such as agriculture, energy and health are affected. There is a need to better understand the effects when several impacts occur at the same time, for example heatwaves and droughts. Exposure to heat and air pollution at the same time amplifies the health risks. But there are inequalities in the exposure to heat and some people are more vulnerable. Our researchers shed insights on this with posters and informal Q&A sessions. 




Gjennomført: 11.5.2023


Kulturhuset i Oslo - Biblioteket



Researchers from CICERO’s climate impacts group will showcase research findings on different aspects impacts of heat and highlight where more research is needed.  The researchers will present their insights using posters and you can walk around the room and talk to the researchers directly and informally.

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Impacts of heat stress and droughts in Norway and Scandinavia
Anne Sophie Daloz, Bjørn H. Samset, Nina Schuhen and Lin Ma, Senior Researchers, CICERO

Who are most vulnerable to heat stress in cities?
Modelling and projecting heat stress vulnerability of urban populations
Iulia Marginean, Researcher and Sourangsu Chowdhury, Senior Researcher, CICERO

Global Disparities in Heat Exposure
Lin Ma and Sourangsu Chowdhury, Senior Researchers, CICERO

Economic Losses of Heat-Induced Reductions in Outdoor Worker Productivity: a Case Study of Europe
Anton Orlov, Senior Researcher, CICERO

Health risks amplified: Co-exposure to hot temperatures and air pollution  
Kristin Aunan, Research Director, and Sourangsu Chowdhury, Senior Researcher, CICERO

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