Bilde mangler beskrivelse

Future of land carbon sinks in Norway

There has been a substantial drop in the carbon absorbed in Norwegian forests in the last decade, and if this trend continues, the carbon absorbed in Norwegian forests could turn to an emission and put conventional forest management into turmoil. What is causing the decline in carbon absorption, can it be maintained out to 2050, and how can forests be managed in a changing climate?



25.04.2024, 09:00 - 25.04.2024, 09:45


Kulturhuset, Boksen


CICERO - En påmelding gjelder for alle arrangementer hele dagen.


  • Introduction by Glen Peters, Senior Researcher at CICERO
  • Why is carbon uptake declining in Norwegian forests? Johannes Breidenbach, Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)
  • Is it possible to maintain carbon uptake in Norway to 2050? By Rosie Fisher, Senior Researcher at CICERO 
  • What drives management decisions in Oslo kommune’s forests? By Esben Kirk-Hansen, Bymiljøetaten, Oslo kommune
  • Discussion

This event will be held in English.

Responsible at CICERO: Miriam Stackpole Dahl

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