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COP28: Global Stocktake - What is it and (why) does it matter?

According to the Paris agreement, the UNFCCC will regularly assess countries' collective progress towards achieving the agreement’s long-term goals.  The purpose of the stock take is to enhance the countries actions and international cooperation.



Gjennomført: 4.12.2023


Business Norway Zone B6 Building 74 (Blue Zone)



Will the first ever Global Stock Take of 2023 speed up progress towards cutting emissions, increasing climate finance, adaptation, and technology transfer? And is the link between climate change and health being considered? Leading researchers and policy experts will discuss.


  • Dr Hannah Hughes, University of Aberystwyth

Panel discussion

  • Dr Kristin Aunan, CICERO
  • Dr Steffen Kallbekken, CICERO
  • Professor Zhang Jianyu, Green Belt and Road Institute
  • Dr Hannah Hughes, University of Aberystwyth

Panel discussion / Q&A

Moderator: Nils Røkke, Executive Vice President Sustainability, Sintef


The event will not be streamed. Local time for this event is 10:30 to 11:15 (GST) Dubai time.