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COP28: Clean energy and commodity exports as an opportunity for fossil fuel rich economies



Gjennomført: 5.12.2023




CICERO is represented at this event

Coal, oil and gas exporting countries fear negative effects from fossil fuel phase-down. Yet demand for zero-emissions fuels and commodities is a large upside. Fossil fuel exporting countries can establish new energy, processing and mining industries that will thrive in a net-zero world economy.

This event features researchers, policy makers and industry representatives from fossil fuel exporting countries such as Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, the Gulf Staes and the USA. They will discuss options for clean energy and commodity exports and how these interact with fossil fuel phase-down.

Research Director Steffen Kallbekken from CICERO will be a speaker at this event.

Local time in Dubai for this event is 16:45 - 18:15