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COP28: Aviation in a low-carbon society

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Gjennomført: 3.12.2023


Dubai - Just North and Beyond: A Pop-UP University Pavillion (TA1-130). At the far back of the Youth, Women and Gender building in the B6 zone


CICERO Center for International Climate Research

Aviation today makes up 2.6% of global co₂ emissions, but the emissions are expected to grow. Such growth is generally inconsistent with the steep emissions cuts needed to reach the Paris Agreement. This panel presents the initial findings of the AVIATE (Aviation in a low-carbon society) project that analyses range of policies that can reduce carbon footprint of this sector and the motivating factors to adopt greener technologies as well as a study from the EU-funded project ACACIA


Introduction to the event, Steffen Kallbekken, CICERO

A “greenhouse gas balance” for aviation in line with the Paris Agreement,
Jan Fuglestvedt, CICERO 

Aviation needs a radical redesign – mitigation strategies for the aviation sector
Steffen Kallbekken, CICERO

Northern Norway as a test bed for electric aircraft ,Matteo Chiesa, UiT - the Arctic University of Norway


Related project: AVIATE and ACACIA

Local time in Dubai for this event is 14:00 - 14:50