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COP28 - Accelerating Energy Transition in Asia

The role of incentive policies, innovative technologies, and SDG commitments.



Gjennomført: 5.12.2023


Dubai - Blue zone, Opportunity petal, Zone B6, Building 75, Expo City, Dubai.


UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre, CICERO Center for International Climate Research (Norway), TERI School of Advanced Studies (India)

Asia is a key region for accelerating the energy transition. But it may come with social, financial and environmental challenges that need to be better understood to ensure a just transition. This event will discuss these challenges and focus on how Nordic-based institutions, Asian organisations, governments and the private sector can cooperate through incentive policies and innovative technologies with a holistic sustainability focus.


Ms Solveig Aamodt, Senior Researcher, CICERO Center for International Climate Research

Mr Søren Lütken, Senior Finance Advisor, UNEP CCC

Ms. Bhavya Jyoti Batra, PhD Scholar, TERI SAS

Ms Ashley Liu, Marketing Director, BCI Group

Mr Gopal Sarangi, Associate Professor, TERI SAS


Local time in Dubai for this event is 09:30 - 10:15