Governing under turbulence: The European Green Deal and implications for Norway

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Governing under turbulence: The European Green Deal and implications for Norway

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The European Green deal

The European Green Deal highlights the EU’s aspirations and critical role in encouraging progressive climate policies. The EU must secure support for this ambitious package from a divided Europe at great speed. At the national level, states need to coordinate the implementation of vast amounts of legislation across multiple sectors and in a way that is democratically legitimate. They have to do so in a turbulent situation, characterised by the unpredictability and profound uncertainty of the climate transition, but also of other events like the pandemic, the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine.

About DEAL
In DEAL, we study whether and how the European Green Deal generates turbulence at the EU level, how this strategy is impacted by surrounding turbulence and how any turbulence induced by the European Green Deal impacts countries affiliated with the EU. We expect EU members and affiliated non-members to be affected differently, as we assume that non-members do not have the same insight into the policymaking processes at the EU level or the same internal drive as member states have, where EU matters are to a larger extent part of the domestic political debates. For this reason, we focus on the implementation of the European Green Deal in one affiliated non-member (Norway) and one member (Denmark). We study the effects for public governance and democratic legitimacy at the national level and explore how such turbulence can be handled.

Governing under turbulence
The DEAL project is important as no other comparison of the relative turbulence experienced and dealt with by EU member and non-member states has yet been undertaken. Such an analysis will, therefore, provide important lessons for other EU member and non-member states. With exception of a few reports there is also no scientific research analysing the implications of the European Green Deal for Norway or Denmark. DEAL also contributes to a nascent literature on turbulence that has only recently been applied to EU climate governance.

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The project DEAL is led by Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Research Director at CICERO Center for International Climate Research.