Mikkel Vindegg is a social scientist specialized in qualitative energy research.

Vindegg speaks Nepali and his doctoral research is based on work in Nepal, making up a combined eighteen months of field research, using participant observation and interviews as methods.

He has investigated the impact of electricity shortage on a textile industry (MA), as well as the broader social and political impacts of regimes of energy distribution (PhD), showing how energy access becomes entangled with state relations, infrastructural stability, and development.

More recently, Vindegg has expanded his research interests to include climate adaptation and food.

Vindegg's BA, MA and PhD degrees are all from the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo. He has also been a visiting researcher at the Department of Anthropology at Durham University. Before joining CICERO, Vindegg worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Anthropology in Oslo.