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Christian Bjørnæs

Communication Director

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58 74 00 22 74+


Experienced communications professional with a deep understanding of the climate challenges facing society.

I work with scientists, researchers, policymakers and businesses to ensure that our research is relevant and that the knowledge we produce is used by society. I am steeped in interdisciplinary research on climate change and risk, the energy transition, decarbonisation, climate policy and social acceptance of change.

I lead CICERO's communication team, which oversees project communication, external relations, content production and branding.  I have written several articles and reports on the communication of climate change, and I speak extensively on this topic.

My background in journalism includes serving as editor-in-chief and working for television, online news publishers and magazines. I have written two popular science books on climate change, organised countless public events bringing climate professionals together for learning and networking, and engaged with the international climate negotiations as well as the IPCC. 

I enjoy building strong teams that solve complex communication challenges, and I am passionate about helping those working to solve the climate challenge source the knowledge they need.