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Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September 2017 and left many properties and businesses destroyed. Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife @Flickr.

As the financial cost of climate hazards increase, investors are looking for more transparency and precision in physical climate risk assessment tools. Over the last five years, service providers around the world have developed tools intended to help financial decision makers identify, manage, and disclose physical climate risk. The tools available vary in scope and focus; few provide a transparent look at data sources or methodology, making it difficult for investors to tailor approaches to their investment portfolios.

Tailored physical climate risk information for investors

ClimINVEST is bringing climate scientists and investors together to co-design transparent, publicly available indicators, tools and maps on physical climate risk that help investors answer the following questions:

What information is available for investors?

How can investors better secure the value of their portfolios against physical climate risk?

Which risks require immediate attention from investors?


The international research consortium behind the ClimINVEST project is specialized in assessing climate impacts and developing tailored climate services and tools.

The consortium aims to improve the information flow between climate science and investors, promote systemic thinking that connects climate hazards and financial impact, and facilitate disclosure of climate risk in investment portfolios, in accordance with the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) 2018 recommendations.

The project ran from 2017 to February 2021 and is funded by the European research area for climate services (ERA4CS).  

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Download the ClimINVEST factsheet here.