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Kjetil Schanke Aas

Senior Researcher

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66 74 00 22 74+
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Kjetil Aas is a climate researcher and climate science disseminator with a broad scientific background.

His work focuses on modeling the climate system with the goal of better understanding climate change, its impacts, and how it can be mitigated.

An experienced climate communicator, Kjetil is motivated by making state-of-the-art knowledge about climate accessible to a broader audience.

Kjetil has a PhD in Geosciences from the University of Oslo as well as a teacher’s education in math and physics. He uses and develops climate models (particularly the Norwegian Earth System model, NorESM). With a specialization in land surface modelling, he has worked particularly on the role of vegetation and of the cryosphere (snow, ice, and permafrost) in the climate system.