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COP28: Connecting climate change and health research: interaction between air pollution and heat stress, and the co-benefits of emission reductions



Completed: 3.12.2023


Dubai - Innovation Norway Blue Zone B6 Building 74




This event will raise awareness of the evidence on the health effects of co-exposure to heat and air pollution, an issue with potentially wide-ranging consequences for health and livelihoods and that so far has not been addressed by policies. Hence, air pollution abatement will reduce the heat impacts on health and can in fact be seen as an adaptation option along with other policies and interventions that reduce the impacts of heat on populations. Raising awareness of this at COP28 where decision-makers from across the globe are gathered is of particular importance.


  • Kristin Aunan, CICERO  
  • Shilpa Rao, Norwegian Institute of Public Health  


  • Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, European Respiratory Society  
  • Kristie Ebi, University of Washington  
  • Vincent Pagiwa, University of Botswana (CHANCE network)
  • Azeeza Rangunwala, GroundWork, South Africa  

Moderator: Shilpa Rao 

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Local time in Dubai for this event is 17:00-17:45