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Sofie is an economist with broad experience from research, consultancy and government

She holds a PhD in economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 2015, an MSc in development and environmental economics from the same university, and a BSc in economics from the University of Oslo. She has been a Visiting Student Researcher at the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley. After her doctorate, she has worked at the intersection between research and consultancy in Vista Analysis and Menon Economics, among other things with the valuation of environmental benefits. In recent years, Sofie has been head of the secretariat for the government-appointed Norwegian commission for estimating emission effects of climate measures, and she has experience from government as a senior advisor in the Climate Department in the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Sofie is interested in empirical environmental economics and has experience from both field experiments and analysis of survey data. She has particularly focused on adaptation to climate change, both in agriculture and in urban areas in developing countries.