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Monica Guillen-Royo

Senior Researcher

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Monica's research seeks to provide a deep understanding of the relationship between sustainable consumption practices and human wellbeing to support the transition towards low-carbon societies.

Mònica is a social scientist specialising in sustainable consumption and wellbeing drawing on mix-methods and participatory methodologies. She has a BA in Economics (Autonomous University of Barcelona), MRes in Applied Economics (Autonomous University of Barcelona) , MRes in European Social Policy (Bath) and a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences (Bath). She has previously worked as Associate Professor at Nord University (Norway) and as Senior Researcher at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (UiO) and the Centre for Development and the Environment (UiO).

Following the economics of happiness tradition, Mònica’s research has addressed the relationship between subjective wellbeing indicators (life satisfaction, happiness, etc.) and personal income, consumption practices, materialistic values, and social comparison, among other personal and societal factors. Drawing on human needs perspectives, her participatory research has studied the interlinked values, attitudes, technologies, behaviors, spaces, institutions and environments that hamper or promote need fulfilment and environmental sustainability in different socio-economic contexts. Her 2016 book Sustainability and Wellbeing. Human Scale Development in Practice (Routledge) summarizes her research on human needs and local transformations towards sustainable societies.