CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

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Climate modeler, focusing on model uncertainty and variability of the climate system

Kalle is a climate modeler, studying various things related to climate. Currently his projects are related to how extremes and related forest fire risk increase when climate warms, and building an statistical emulator from complex earth system model.


  • CATHY Emissions of Asian Anthropogenic Aerosols (A3) are rapidly changing - most notably black carbon and sulphate aerosol precursors from India and China. The resulting range of climate impacts and societal hazards may dominate regionally over greenhouse gas induced trends for the next several decades, but the implications are as yet insufficiently explored. CATHY (Climate implications of rapid changes in Asian Anthropogenic Aerosol emissions: Temperature, Hydrological cycle and variabilitY) tackles the urgent need for quantifying climate related hazards resulting from ongoing and projected changes in A3 emissions.