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Jan Sigurd Fuglestvedt being congratulated on his election as WGIII-Vice-Chair. Photo ENB/IISD

Dr Jan Fuglestvedt re-elected to the IPCC

Dr Jan S. Fuglestvedt, research director at CICERO, was elected Vice Chair to IPCCs Working Group III on late Friday 29 July.

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Fuglestvedt will be closely involved in the seventh IPCC cycle which will culminate with the release of the seventh assessment report around 2030.

For the next period, Fuglestvedt will further the cross-disciplinary approach to increase the policy relevance of climate science and IPCC assessments.

“I am highly motivated to be part of the effort to take the IPCC to the level needed to address the pressing scientific and policy-related issues ahead of us.

“I will further my efforts to support coordination and consistency across the Working Groups and build on what has been learned from writing Special Reports and cross-Working Group collaboration, to make the best and most relevant climate science available to policymakers”, said Fuglestvedt.

“We are very proud of Jan and his achievements with the IPCC. His re-election is a huge recognition not only of his scientific merits and contributions to the AR6 but also of CICERO and Norway as forerunners in climate science. CICERO is looking forward to continuing our close collaboration with the IPCC,” said Kristin Halvorsen Director of CICERO.

The newly elected members of the IPCC Bureau are:

IPCC Chair

  • Jim Skea (United Kingdom)

IPCC Vice-Chairs

  • Ladislaus Chang’a (United Republic of Tanzania)
  • Diana Ürge-Vorsatz (Hungary)
  • Ramón Pichs-Madruga (Cuba)

Working Group I Co-Chairs

  • Robert Vautard (France)
  • Xiaoye Zhang (China)

Working Group II Co-Chairs

  • Bart van den Hurk (Netherlands)
  • Winston Chow (Singapore)

Working Group III Co-Chairs

  • Katherine Calvin (United States of America)
  • Joy Jacqueline Pereira (Malaysia)

Task Force Bureau on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Co-Chairs

  • Takeshi Enoki (Japan)
  • Mazhar Hayat (Pakistan)

Working Group I Vice-Chairs

  • Nana Ama Browne Klutse (Ghana)
  • Aida Diongue (Senegal)
  • Maheswar Rupakheti (Nepal)
  • Inés Camilloni (Argentina)
  • Sherilee Harper (Canada)
  • Edvin Aldrian (Indonesia)
  • Sonia Seneviratne (Switzerland)

Working Group II Vice-Chairs

  • Adelle Thomas (Bahamas)
  • Fatima Denton (Gambia)
  • Cromwel Lukorito (Kenya)
  • Raman Sukumar (India)
  • Laura Gallardo (Chile)
  • Carlos Mendez (Venezuela)
  • Zinta Zommers (Latvia)
  • Mark Howden (Australia)

Working Group III Vice-Chairs

  • Jan Sigurd Fuglestvedt (Norway)
  • Siir Kilkis (Türkiye)
  • Oliver Geden (Germany)
  • Eduardo Calvo (Peru)
  • Malak Al Nory (Saudi Arabia)
  • Noureddine Yassa (Algeria)
  • Gervais Itsoua Madzous (Republic of the Congo)

The 12 newly elected members of the Task Force Bureau are:

  • Hamid Abaka Souleymane (Chad)
  • Samir Tantawi (Egypt)
  • Amjad Abdulla (Maldives)
  • Irma Fabiola Ramirez-Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Melissa Weitz (USA)
  • Giacomo Grassi (Italy)
  • Mohammad Rahimi (Iran)
  • Yasna Rojas (Chile)
  • Laura Elena Dawidowski (Argentina)
  • Joni Jupesta (Indonesia)
  • Mohd Talib Latif (Malaysia)
  • Maria José Sanz Sanchez (Spain)