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Carbon Capture and Storage is necessary to keep global warming below 2°C

Scenarios indicate that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is critical to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to ‘well below 2°C’. But, at what scale?

- Norge må satse på ‘Kinderegg’ næringar

CICERO-forsker Asbjørn Torvanger om karbonfangst- og lagring, grønne arbeidsplasser og 1,5 grader. 

Love it or hate it: Here's three reasons why we still need CCS

COMMENTARY: Solar and wind are the flavour of the decade, and carbon capture and storage is having an identity crisis. But, love it or hate it, we need carbon capture and storage to keep below 2°C.

The precarious myth of geoengineering

COMMENT: Can we reach the sun with pseudo-fixes such as pumping carbon underground or aerosols over ground? Or are climate change solutions such as solar radiation management and CCS examples of pure hubris, posing an immense risk for humanity?