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Kommuner og klima å en sammenligning mellom Norge og Sverige

Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Sjur Kasa (Policy Note;2010:02)

A background study for NORAD's environmental action plan in Pakistan

Khawar Mumtaz, Rolf Selrod (Policy Note;1992:05)

Prerequisites for Joint Implementation projects under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Asbjørn Torvanger (Policy Note;1993:03)

Framtidige generasjonar i økonomiske analysar

Asbjørn Torvanger (Policy Note;1993:02)

Effektiv klimapolitikk etter Rio

Asbjørn Torvanger (Policy Note;1993:01)

Joint Implementation: A promising mechanism for all countries?

Rolf Selrod, Lasse Ringius, Asbjørn Torvanger (Policy Note;1995:01)

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change establishes no legal commitments for any of the Parties to reach specific targets of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Although the Convention emphasizes the importance of immediate action by the industrialized countries, it is also weak with...

Oppdatering av verdier for "Global Warming Potentials (GWP)" i forbindelse med IPCC prosessen

Ivar S. A. Isaksen (Policy Note;1994:02)

Some policy issues of greenhouse gas economics

Hans W. Gottinger (Policy Note;1994:01)

Note: The author of this report, Hans Gottinger, has been regrettably found guilty of several counts of plagiarism. While we have no definitive proof that this particular work has been plagiarized, we can no longer be confident of its scientific integrity and have thus chosen to remove it from our r...

Norwegian Climate Policies 1990-2010: Principles, Policy Instruments and Political Economy Aspects

Thorvald Moe (Policy Note;2010:03)

Norwegian climate policies with a focus on the mitigation of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions over the last twenty years, the period of the existence of CICERO, is critically reviewed and analysed in this policy paper. Best practice principles and policy instruments as recently set forth by the IEA,...

Noen Sentrale konklusjoner i andre hovedrapport fra FNs klimapanel (IPPC 1995)

Jan S. Fuglestvedt, Mariann Murvoll (Policy Note;1996:02)