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Moving small crafts and services enterprises towards green mobility practices: The role of change agents

Tom Erik Julsrud, Jon Martin Denstadli

The uptake of electric vans in professional enterprises has been slow, and the interest in electric mobility is low compared to that of private consumers. To understand critical barriers, resistance, motivations and drivers we follow the implementation of e-vans (EVs) in crafts and services enterprises that have tried to replace some or all of their traditional vans with EVs. Based on a social practice approach we show how and why the new technology challenged existing work practices in the enterprises, and took hold in some enterprises while being rejected in others. We recognize the significant role of managers as “agents of practice change” in initiating changes and stabilizing social practice configurations. The findings add to the literature on social practice change and document critical factors for further implementation and use of e-vans in crafts and services enterprises.

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