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Values, attitudes, and pro-environmental behaviours – is there a link? Results from a Norwegian survey

Håkon Sælen, Hege Westskog, Einar Strumse

We ask how the strength of the link from values and attitudes and to pro-environmental behaviour varies across different consumption domains. We base our analysis on a survey of the Norwegian population, focusing on values, attitudes, and pro-environmental behaviour relating to waste, food, transport and domestic energy. We show that that both values and environmental attitudes are most strongly correlated with the behaviours relating to waste and food and lesser so with behaviours related to energy and transport. The results have implications for when "soft" policy tools such as information provision are likely to be effective at inducing pro-environmental behaviours.

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  • År: 2012
  • Tidsskrift: Economics Bulletin
  • Språk: English
  • Volum: 32
  • Hefte: 1
  • Side: 486 - 493
  • Issn: 1545-2921