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Chapter Two - Cars and the sharing economy: The emergence and impacts of shared automobility in the urban environment

Cyriac Manapurathu George, Tom Erik Julsrud

The rise of the sharing economy has enabled new forms of urban mobility that were previously either non-existent, small scale and informal in nature. This chapter focuses on new ways of sharing automobiles, namely ride-sharing, ride-sourcing and car sharing. These new modes, collectively referred to as shared automobility, rely upon digital platforms that facilitate transactions as part of the sharing economy and the related product-service economy, on-demand economy, and second-hand economy. The literature on shared automobility emphasizes impacts on environment, congestion, public health and regulatory frameworks. Shared automobility generally leads to reduced automobile use, carbon emissions and vehicle collisions, although the evidence is not consistent across contexts. Current regulatory frameworks are not equipped to handle the challenges posed by shared automobility with respect to competition with incumbent modes, safety regulations and labor conditions. We have begun to see signs of consolidation among ride-sharing and ride-sourcing. Further technological innovations may lead to further consolidations with car sharing.

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  • År: 2019
  • Språk: English