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D 4.3 Synthesis Report on the case study “From Consumer to Prosumer"

Karina Standal, Hege Westskog

The Energy Union Framework Strategy laid out on 25 February 2015 aims at fostering a cost-efficient energy transition able to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable energy to all European consumers. It has embraced a citizen-oriented energy transition based on a low-carbon transformation of the energy system. At the end of the day, the successful implementation of the Energy Union will materialise in a change in energy production and energy consumption choices. Such choices are heavily shaped by particular economic prerequisites, value systems, gender-based preferences, efficiency of governance and the maturity of civil society. The ENABLE.EU project attempts to understand the key drivers of individual and collective energy choices, including in the shift to prosumption (when energy consumers start to become also energy producers). The project will develop participatory-driven scenarios for the development of energy choices until 2050 by including the findings from the comparative sociological research. As differences between European countries remain salient, ENABLE.EU will have a strong comparative component. The final aim of this project is to contribute to more enlightened, evidence-based policy decisions, to make it easier to find the right incentives to reach the twin goals of successful implementation of the Energy Union and Europe’s transition towards a decarbonised energy system. To reach this final aim, ENABLE.EU will seek to provide an excellent understanding of the social and economic drivers of individual and collective energy choices with a focus on understanding changes in energy choice patterns. Results will be disseminated to relevant national and EU-level actors as well as to the research community and a wider public.

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  • År: 2018
  • Språk: English