CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Power from the People? Driving forces and hindrances

We address the driving forces and barriers for households in Norway to become producers of electricity which is made possible by smart grids and smart meters, allowing energy users not only to consume energy, but also to generate energy and feed this into the grid.

The main objective is to identify the driving forces and hindrances behind Norwegian households becoming prosumers. 


  1. Improve our understanding of differences and similarities in the prosumer policies in the UK, Germany and Norway.
  2. Understand why some households in Norway decide to become engaged as prosumers, what their experiences are, how they use energy at home and how they respond to regulations and solutions offered by central stakeholders.
  3. Improve our understanding of how emerging prosumer participation in the energy system is perceived and handled by central stakeholders.
  4. Provide perspectives to policymakers, energy suppliers and relevant industry actors on the conditions for increased participation of prosumers in the Norwegian energy system.

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