CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Adaptation Futures 2016, Rotterdam
11.05.2016, ​08.45 – 10.30 Van Walsum Room

The role of narratives and discourses in shaping adaptation, adaptive capacity and mitigation to climate change is understudied. However, the importance of considering worldviews and values as integral aspects of adaptation is increasingly recognised.

We think that the challenges of examining perceptions, cultural values and world views embedded in discourses and narratives will result in the unpacking of the drivers of potential climate change complacency.

In this session we will address questions such as how perceptions of resilience to the changing conditions in the Arctic are reflected in different forms of narratives and expressions of world views, values and cultural norms; how such perceptions shape how we approach the challenge of global warming; whether resilience narratives affect the adaptive capacity of individuals and/or communities.


  • Adaptation options and actions to change in the Arctic: the Barents Region
    Helene Amundsen, CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo
  • Boundary arrangements for adaptation in primary industries
    Halvor Dannevig, Western Norway Research Institute, Norway
  • Adaptation in Canadian Arctic coastal ecosystems: dissonances and challenges with M&E indicators
    Moktar Lamari, Centre de recherche et d’expertise en évaluation (CREXE), Canada
  • Avalanche risk in Norwegian communities: risk perceptions and boundaries of local adaptive capacity
    Marianne Karlsson, Nordland Research Institute, Norway