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Alexander is part of CICERO’s Climate Finance team. He is involved in the work of issuing independent reviews on Green Bonds. Alexander also works on connecting climate science with the financial sector with the aim of advancing the understanding of climate risk as a financial risk. Prior to joining CICERO, Alexander was a risk analyst at the Norwegian export credit agency GIEK. He focused on country-, sector-, and bank risk in connection to a.o. renewable energy projects in high risk markets. Alexander has also worked at the Norwegian power company Statkraft, focusing on political and market-design issues in connection with hydro- and offshore-wind power projects. Alexander’s educational background is in political science and he holds a Magister degree from Freie Universität Berlin.


  • Greening investments in the face of climate risk To what degree can the emerging green bond market catalyse investment for low-carbon and climate-resilient solutions?
  • Vurdering av grønne obligasjoner CICEROs vurdering av grønne obligasjoner er uavhengig og forskningsbasert. Formålet er å gjennomgå om investeringene som skal finansieres ved grønne obligasjoner støtter opp om en utslippsfri og klimatilpasset utvikling.

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  • Scientists demystify climate scenarios for investors Climate change is a real financial risk, but the risk depends on the complex evolution of climate policy, technology, and the climate system. CICERO’s climate scenario guide, launched today, explains how investors can use scenarios to evaluate different financial risks.