CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Seasonal forecasts: Useful information, for what?

Although scientists have spent a considerable amount of time making long-term forecasts more reliable, they are little used by business. Close collaboration with the electricity sector has given us an opportunity to understand why, writes CICERO researcher and economist Asbjørn Aaheim.

New award to CICERO Shades of Green

For the fourth year in a row CICERO Shades of Green is recognized for its work on green bonds. The CICERO subsidiary has been voted by leading investors as the external assessment provider of the year.

Catastrophe modelling and the use of loss data from the insurance sector

February 25th, 2020. To be able to quantify and reduce climate risks, methods and tools are developed for assessment andmapping of risk. 

Population growth is moving in a climate-friendly direction

Higher living standards have led to a slow-down in global population growth. This is good news for the climate because it will lead to lower growth in carbon emissions, say scientists at CICERO Center for International Climate Research.

​International Climate Policy

Climate change is a global problem, but so far the world has not managed to unite on a common solution. Since its inception in 1990, CICERO has been closely following the international climate negotiations in order to understand the factors that impede or facilitate a global agreement.

ECONOR III – The Economy of the North 2015

The Arctic is vulnerable to natural and global economic changes. Global warming creates opportunities for new economic activities in resource extraction and shipping, while at the same time threatening traditional livelihoods.