CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Closing seminar 5 June in Oslo

On Tuesday 5 June, CICERO organized two closing events at Kulturhuset in downtown Oslo.

Starting with a breakfast seminar that was livestreamed, central REMIX researchers presented their analyses of renewables policies in the six European countries that have been studied as well as gave a foresight analysis. Then they invited their user partners to discuss what conditions might be in store for EU renewable energy and capacity regulations and how these might tap into future knowledge needs.

Presentations from the breakfast seminar:

Støtteordninger for fornybar i fem land av Merethe Dotterud Leiren

Konsekvenser av Norges fornybarpolitikk for Norge av Elin Lerum Boasson

Scenarioer for framtidig fornybarpolitikk av Berit Tennbakk

More than 140 people had registered for our closing breakfast seminar -watch the whole session here! You'll find more photos and and even emissions data in this article.    

From the user partner debate during the breakfast seminar. Photo: Merethe Dotterud Leiren / CICERO

Scenarios for the European renewable energy policy mix

What is the future of EU policies for renewable energy and capacity regulations? In a foresight analysis, REMIX researchers ask this question, presenting a scenario methodology. The researchers present scenarios based on information about EU policies and qualitative inputs from the larger group of partners to the REMIX project - not to make predictions, but to carve out a likely outcome space for an uncertain future. The foresight analysis will be discussed at a partner meeting in Oslo 8 November 2017.

Polish case study published

Kacper Szulecki has published a working paper on Poland's renewable energy policy: Poland’s renewable energy policy mix - European influence and domestic soap opera. This is one out of six case studies on national renewable energy policies.


Elections in France: climate and energy absent from discussions, unfortunately

Climate and energy issues were not discussed in the French election debates, by neither of the candidates. However, the next president will have to invest hugely in renewal of nuclear power production and build-out of decentralised renewable energy capacity. What can we expect from president Macron or president Le Pen?

Read Catherine Banet's analysis of the presidential candidates' programmes (in Norwegian) on Energi og Klima.


REMIX presentation in Brussels

REMIX hosted a seminar at Norway House in Brussels, which drew a large audience of 80 people. We presented the findings of our research so far and discussed with energy law experts from the European Commission, European Parliament, energy utilities and business associations.

Futhermore, we had a closed meeting at tne Brussels office of the Norwegian Research Council, where we discussed the German case study with REMIX partners and external experts, as well as a day-long researchers' meeting on the upcoming book publication.



Project meeting on Sweden and the EU's new energy proposals

09-12-2016 - Researchers and representatives of the Nordic energy sector discussed recent developments in renewable energy in Sweden, the EU's "Clean energy for all" proposals and REMIX's scenarios for future renewable energy policy development in the EU. View some of the presentations here.


Brexit - two

05-07-2016 - Merethe Dotterud Leiren analyses developments in British and European climate politics after the Brexit vote. Read the analysis here (in Norwegian).



24-06-2016 - Elin L. Boasson comments on the Brexit vote and possible consequences for the EU's climate and energy policies. Read the comment here.


Workshop on renewable energy policy in Europe

21-06-2016 - Several REMIX researchers presented their work at a workshop on European renewable energy policy, organised by REMIX-partners CICERO and the Freie Universität Berlin, at Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Read a report here.


Norwegian White paper on energy

16-06-2016 - Elin L. Boasson commented on the Norwegian white paper on energy that was voted in the parliament. Read the comment here.


Reguleringen av det europeiske energimarkedet

26-04-2016 - Catherine Banet presented the French capacity market mechanism at a seminar co-organised by the Law Faculty of the University of Oslo and Energi Norge. Read a summary of the event and download the presentations at Energi Norge's website.