CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Measuring precipitation in Eastern Himalaya: Ground validation of eleven satellite, model and gauge interpolated gridded products

Manish Kumar, Øivind Hodnebrog, Anne Sophie Daloz, Sumit Sen, Shrinivas Badiger, Jagdish Krishnaswamy

Precipitation plays a key role in shaping land surface processes in Himalaya. It is also the most challenging meteorological variable to model in climate change studies due to inadequate ground data. Gridded Precipitation Products (GPPs) are useful alternatives to ground data but require validation, especially in topographically complex and wet Eastern Himalaya. This study presents a fine-scaled ground validation of eleven GPPs, including five satellite-based (GPM-IMERGV06, TRMM-3B42V7, TRMM-3B42V7RT, CHIRPS-2.0 and PERSIANN-CCS), four reanalysis model-based (ERA5, ERA5-Land, AgERA5, and WRF) and two gauge-interpolated (IMD-0.25° and APHRODITE-2V18) GPPs in Eastern Himalaya. Hourly precipitation data from 27 rain gauges (Gauges) from Sikkim, representing the Eastern Himalayan climatology, is used to statistically validate the GPPs and assess their ability to capture diurnal and seasonal patterns, and extreme events.

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