CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

The AeroCom evaluation and intercomparison of organic aerosol in global models

K Tsigaridis, N Daskalakis, M Kanakidou, Peter J. Adams, Paulo Artaxo, R Bahadur, Yves Balkanski, S. E. Bauer, Nicolas Bellouin, Anna Benedetti, Tommi Bergman, Terje Koren Berntsen, J. P. Beukes, H Bian, K Carslaw, Mian Chin, G Curci, Thomas Diehl, Richard C. Easter, Steven John Ghan, SL Gong, A Hodzic, CR Hoyle, Trond Iversen, S Jathar, J. L. Jimenez, Johannes W. Kaiser, Alf Kirkevåg, D Koch, Harri Kokkola, Y.H. Lee, G Lin, X Liu, G Luo, X Ma, Graham W. Mann, N Mihalopoulos, J.J Morcrette, JF Muller, Gunnar Myhre, S Myriokefalitakis, NL Ng, D O'Donnell, J.E. Penner, L Pozzoli, Kirsty J. Pringle, LM Russell, M Schulz, J. Sciare, Øyvind Seland, Drew T. Shindell, Sanford Sillman, Ragnhild Bieltvedt Skeie, D Spracklen, T Stavrakou, S Steenrod, Toshihiko Takemura, P Tiitta, S Tilmes, Holger Tost, T Van Noije, P. G. van Zyl, Knut von Salzen, F. Yu, Z Wang, Z. Wang, Rahul A. Zaveri, H Zhang, K Zhang, Q Zhang, X Zhang

This paper evaluates the current status of global modeling of the organic aerosol (OA) in the troposphere and analyzes the differences between models as well as between models and observations. Thirty-one global chemistry transport models (CTMs) and general circulation models (GCMs) have participated in this intercomparison, in the framework of AeroCom phase II. The simulation of OA varies greatly between models in terms of the magnitude of primary emissions, secondary OA (SOA) formation, the number of OA species used (2 to 62), the complexity of OA parameterizations (gas-particle partitioning, chemical aging, multiphase chemistry, aerosol microphysics), and the OA physical, chemical and optical properties. The diversity of the global OA simulation results has increased since earlier AeroCom experiments, mainly due to the increasing complexity of the SOA parameterization in models, and the implementation of new, highly uncertain, OA sources. Diversity of over one order of magnitude exists in the modeled vertical distribution of OA concentrations that deserves a dedicated future study. Furthermore, although the OA / OC ratio depends on OA sources and atmospheric processing, and is important for model evaluation against OA and OC observations, it is resolved only by a few global models

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