CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Attracting private climate finance in India: Lessons from international and domestic best practices

In this project, CICERO and TERI, the Indian Energy and Resources Institute, are examining bilateral climate finance flows from Norway to India, among other countries, to identify how public funds can be used to leverage private climate finance.

The key requirement for raising private climate finance is risk reduction for investors.  The project examines bilateral climate finance flows from Norway to India, as well from other developing countries to India or other large emerging economies, to identify which instruments government agencies are using to mobilize private climate finance.

The aim is to identify best practices in terms of mobilizing climate finance for mitigation of climate gas emissions and investments in improved resilience to handle climate change.

Best practice is however very dependent on the context in terms of country, sector and technologies used. As a next step, the project will  assess which finance instruments and measures are most promising for India,  including domestic action and bilateral agreements.

This project is part of ‘Developing country participation in addressing climate change: Research on policy instruments for achievement of India’s NDC’, led by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, India).