CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

CICERO Climate Finance: linking scientists and investors

How can investors better secure the value of their portfolios against climate change-related risks? CICERO Climate Finance offers expertise and research that can be applied directly by financial actors.

Climate risk and sustainable investment are ever higher on the agenda in many financial environments, but climate change researchers and financial stakeholders do not always speak the same language.

CICERO Climate Finance takes a starting point in existing climate research, expanding the knowledge on climate risk and tailoring it to the needs of financial stakeholders. Much of the available research is at a global scenario level and often fails to link directly to investments. We aim to translate policy scenarios into sector or industry-level impacts, and trace down physical impact research to potential company-level impacts.

We consider climate risk for investors from three different angles:

  • Which frameworks do investors use for assessing climate risk?
  • What are the climate impacts for sectors and companies?
  • What is good governance for climate risk?
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Building on Norwegian knowhow, extending globally

CICERO Climate Finance builds on the nexus of climate finance expertise in Norway, extending it to international actors and activities.

Our work is advised by a board with representatives of the world's biggest investors including BlackRock, the World Bank Treasury, and leading green financial actors like AP2, SEB, Storebrand, the Oslo stock exchange and others.

Established with funding of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CICERO Climate Finance operates as a dedicated centre, independent from CICERO's work with green bonds.

Kick-off meeting of CICERO Climate Finance at the Oslo Stock Exchange