CICERO - Center for International Climate Research


China is now the second largest economy and the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. The actions taken by China will have vital impact on global emissions and climate change.

China is important for the global climate issue, in terms of its size and its possibilities both domestically and internationally. The actions taken in China may have considerable impacts on the Norwegian economy through international trade in the short term and climate change in the long term.

CICERO has a long term relationship with China with both micro and macro knowledge about demography, economy, energy markets, environment and development politics. Key partners in China include Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Development Research Centre of the State Council, and Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning. We have studied and will continue to investigate issues on emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, energy consumption, climate finance, energy and climate policy, and climate change impact and adaptation in China. For example,

  • Consequences of ageing population and social reforms in China for economic growth and global climate
  • Climate change impact on agricultural production and adaptation options of farmers
  • Review the first labelled green bond from a Chinese corporation and green Bonds for Chinese Urban Infrastructure
  • Global mean temperature change due to emissions from China
  • Indoor air pollution from solid fuel use; its impact of population exposure and health; and impacts on population exposure to air pollution from urbanization trends
  • Chinese climate policy development and processes
  • Drivers of Chinese emissions and future emission pathways
  • Energy consumption patterns of rural and floating households



  • Ageing population and social reforms in China: Consequences for economic growth and global climate
  • Climate change and Chinese agriculture: Effects on food production and options for adaption
  • CCICED Project as member of the Chief Advisor´s group to CCICED
  • Green Bonds for Chinese Urban Infrastructure funded by OECD
  • Expert Network on Second Opinions. Review the first labelled green bond from a Chinese corporation
  • Transforming China onto a low carbon pathway
  • Planning for Cost-Effective Environmental Risk Reduction in China
  • Airborne: Pollution, Human Agency, and New Visions of Sustainability in Global China
  • CICEP WP1 and WP3. China is one of the key actors in international climate politics that we focus on
  • In cooperation with the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) we study Chinese climate policy development
  • Comparative studies of Chinese, Indian and Brazilian climate policy processes
  • Large developing economies: current and potential future contributions to climate change
  • Two projects on short lived climate forcers
  • One project on historical responsibilities to climate change financed by the ministry of foreign affair
  • Global Carbon Project