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A journey from 5°C to 2°C

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Published 30.04.2015

The models that take us to a world where global warming is limited to 2°C, are much too optimistic, according to Glen Peters at CICERO. 

Glen Peters takes us on a journey from 5°C to 2°C. 

5°C is the temperature increase above pre-industrial levels we are heading for if we follow our path of limited or no climate policy. 2°C is the temperature increase above pre-industrial levels that most countries around the world have agreed would prevent dangerous climate change.

There will be climate impacts at 2°C, but we believe we can manage them. This journey will describe how the energy system must change if we go from 5°C to 2°C.

So is getting to 2°C feasible?

- Yes, says Peters. 

- But only in the models. 


Flip through and download Peters' presentation 

This presentation was held at the 25th anniversary of CICERO

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