CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

A flash flood tore through a number of orchards in the Lærdal valley in western Norway in 2014. Damages still clearly visible two years on. 

PITCH focuses on how governance, values, norms and organizations are important preconditions for societal transformation to happen in a climate change context. The project will investigate the preconditions for societal transformation required to respond to projected climate change consequences.

The projects aim is to identify the most salient preconditions for transformation in selected primary industries, in the context of climate change, and to study the role of scientific knowledge in shaping the preconditions for transformational change in national policy, interest organizations, businesses and individual actors in the primary industries.

The project links perceptions of risks and the need to act on the basis of scientific knowledge. To what degree scientific knowledge is seen as relevant and legitimate? What is the role of values, norms and livelihoods in shaping how we respond to climate risks? 

The project is lead by professor Grete Hovelsrud at Nordland Research Insitute and Nord University, with participation from CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Kings College London, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, University of Oulu and Vestlandsforskning.

Field sites