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Regression of (left) fast precipitation change versus atmospheric absorption and (right) slow precipitation change versus surface temperature change.

The shown regression lines and Pearson coefficients of correlation (R) are for the combined data from all models and climate perturbations.

Fast and slow precipitation responses to individual climate forcers: A PDRMIP multimodel study

Bjørn Hallvard Samset, Gunnar Myhre, Piers M. Forster, Øivind Hodnebrog, Timothy Andrews, Gregory S. Faluvegi, Dagmar Fläschner, Matthew Kasoar, Viatcheslav V. Kharin, Alf Kirkevåg, Jean-François Lamarque, Dirk Jan Leo Oliviè, Thomas Benjamin Richardson, Drew T. Shindell, Keith P. Shine, Toshihiko Takemura, Apostolos Voulgarakis

Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 2782–2791, 2016