CICERO - Center for International Climate Research
Local Solutions

What we do

Local authorities have a key role to play in limiting emissions and managing today's and tomorrow's weather and climate.

Although climate change is global, the effects are local. This means that communities face changes that can be restricted through a global agreement, but which must nevertheless meet locally.

What approach does CICERO have for local climate solutions?

What the best solutions for climate adaptation and emission cuts are depends on local conditions. Local conditions affect how local decision makers make use of climate knowledge, which in turn affects how plans are put and implemented. At the same time, local conditions affect external factors such as global and national economics, as well as political conditions. Whole solutions must be developed based on the realities locally, with the possibilities and limitations that this implies. Then many disciplines have to work out common solutions.

CICERO has broad knowledge of local political processes, consequences for local communities and the natural science processes behind climate change.

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to contribute relevant knowledge to solutions that actually cut emissions and adaptation.