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Increasing temperatures and heat waves due to climate change, combined with air pollution, constitute major health risks, and could cause an increase in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases across Europe. This is the key topic in the EU-funded research project called EXHAUSTION. The project runs from June 2019 till June 2023.

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Countdown to a better future?

By Kristin Aunan

Due to climate change, children born today may have to live their lives in a world harshly different from what previous generations have experienced.

In November, the Lancet Countdown released its 2019 report (Watts et al., 2019) was launched. The Lancet Countdown is a broad international and multi-disciplinary effort dedicated to monitoring the health effects of climate change and to assessing the delivery of commitments made by governments under the Paris Agreement.

- I am inspired by the young people

Interview with Tord Kjellström, member of the Exhaustion advisory board.

- Scientists should take actions to produce information to interact with decision makers in a more targeted and effective way.

Press release 24.06.2019

- Air pollution is today the environmental challenge associated with the highest mortality in Europe. A warmer climate may increase air pollution levels, and thus counteract current policies to reduce emissions of air pollutants. Studies suggest that especially surface ozone (O3) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) increase in many populated regions when the temperature increases, even when emissions of air pollutants are not increasing. This could worsen health damage due to these environmental factors, says Dr. Kristin Aunan, leader of the EXHAUSTION project.