CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

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Employed at CICERO since 2009.

Previously employed at Institute of the Environment, UCLA (2006-2009).

PhD (2006): Department of Geography, UCLA. Title: Remote sensing and environment in the study of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in Mali.

MA (2000): Department of Geography, UCLA. Title: A 625-year reconstruction of drought in the Los Angeles Basin from Pseudotsuga macrocarpa.


Publications: Researcher ID


MacDonald, G, S. Rian, and H. Hidalgo (2005). Southern California and “the Perfect Drought.” Colorado River Basin Climate. Special Publication for Association of California Water Agencies and Colorado River Water Users Association Conferences. Department of Water Resources, State of California



  • ENBEL: Connecting health and climate change research Climate change is according to the WHO the greatest threat to human health in the 21st century. By bringing together leaders in climate change and health research the CICERO-coordinated Horizon 2020 project ENBEL will contribute with knowledge and policy advice on climate change and health links.
  • EXHAUSTION Increasing temperatures and heat waves due to climate change, combined with air pollution, constitute major health risks, and could cause an increase in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases across Europe. EXHAUSTION (Exposure to heat and air pollution in Europe – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation) aims to quantify the changes in cardiopulmonary mortality and morbidity due to extreme heat and air pollution (including from wildfires) under selected climate scenarios.