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I am an economist studying climate economics and policy, focusing on energy and climate. Currently my projects include climate finance (choice of finance instruments for climate projects in developing countries), governance of biomass energy combined with carbon capture and storage, and design of climate policy after the Paris Agreement.


  • Politically Feasible Renewable Energy Development: The Role of Public Acceptance. The over-arching task of this project is to study the political feasibility of the low carbon energy policy transition initiated by the EU. In order to adopt and implement efficient policies at the regional, national and local level, public acceptance for policy change will be crucial.
  • Global Impacts: How to estimate and use environmental footprints The first part of this project will build on the large body of quantitative analyses to provide a synthesis of the methodological and analytical basis for environmental footprints. This first part will be short and focused, drawing on existing material. The second part of this project will describe the state-of-the-art in terms of the challenges and opportunities of consumption-based approaches to environmental policy. We will give particular attention to the policy implications (usefulness, utility, appropriateness, etc), and draw on the available economic and policy literature.
  • Greening investments in the face of climate risk To what degree can the emerging green bond market catalyse investment for low-carbon and climate-resilient solutions?
  • Second opinions on green bonds CICERO second opinions are independent, research-based evaluations of green bond investment frameworks to determine their environmental robustness.
  • How to attract private climate finance in India In this project, CICERO and TERI, the Indian Energy and Resources Institute, are examining bilateral climate finance flows from Norway to India, among other countries, to identify how public funds can be used to leverage private climate finance.

Publications and outreach at CICERO

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  • Jorge Hernan Garcia-Lopez, Todd Cherry, Steffen Kallbekken, Asbjørn Torvanger, 2016 Willingness to accept local wind energy development: Does the compensation mechanism matter? Energy Policy, Elsevier Science, EN
  • Jorge Hernan Garcia-Lopez, Todd Cherry, Steffen Kallbekken, Asbjørn Torvanger, 2016 Willingness to accept local wind energy development: Does the compensation mechanism matter? Energy Policy, EN
  • Chris D. Jones, SJ Davis, P. Friedlingstein, T Gasser, Glen Peters, Joeri Rogelj, DP van Vuuren, JG Canadell, Annette Cowie, RB Jackson, Matthias Jonas, Elmar Kriegler, Emma Littleton, Jason A. Lowe, Jennifer Milne, Gyami Shrestha, P Smith, Asbjørn Torvanger, A. Wiltshire, 2016 Simulating the Earth system response to negative emissions Environmental Research Letters, EN
  • Patrick Smith, Steven J Davis, Felix Creutzig, Sabine Fuss, Jan Minx, Benoit Gabrielle, Etsushi Kato, Robert B Jackson, Annette Cowie, Elmar Kriegler, Detlef P. van Vuuren, Joeri Rogelj, Philippe Ciais, Jennifer Milne, Josep G. Canadell, David McCollum, Glen Peters, Robbie Andrew, Volker Krey, Gyami Shrestha, Pierre Friedlingstein, Thomas Gasser, Arnulf Grubler, Wolfrang K. Heidug, Matthias Jonas, Chris D. Jones, Florian Kraxner, Emma Littleton, Jason Lowe, Josè Roberto Moreira, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Michael Obersteiner, Anand Patwardhan, Mathis L. Rogner, E Rubin, Ayyoob Sharifi, Asbjørn Torvanger, Yyoshiki Yamagata, Jae Edmonds, Cho Yongsung, 2016 Biophysical and economic limits to negative CO2 emissions Nature Climate Change, EN





















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Web articles

  • Investors increasingly aware of climate risk  Together with the Norwegian mission to the EU, CICERO hosted a well-attended debate in Brussels on the private sector's contribution to climate finance.
  • Putting numbers on Norwegian climate finance flows In 2014, Norwegian public support for climate action in developing countries amounted to 1 billion USD. This is the conclusion of a report written by CICERO for the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Yet insufficient reporting systems make it difficult to track the private sector contribution.
  • CICERO Shades of Green CICERO Second Opinions are graded dark green, medium green and light green to offer investors better insight in the environmental quality of green bonds.